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Default Help fixing elbow joints, please?
To anyone out there with experience manually assigning joints: Can someone pretty please fix the joints on my shirt?
I rely on Mesh Toolkit to auto-assign joints cuz I'm a raging noobtard on my own, so I wasn't prepared for the effed up elbows on the top I'm converting, that I have no idea how to fix.
I did the most elementary of checks in Milkshape, and the arms are assigned to _foream & _bicep, so.....?

The .wrk file is in the zip, and the picture shows the way the elbows fold like tissue paper whenever the sim moves.
Thanks in advance!
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Do you mind converting the work file to a geom file? I don't have TSRW.
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At TSRW, can you export High.wso file of EA girls' children's clothing?
Put it in the Mesh field of "reference mesh" with Mesh Tool Kit.
If you change the mesh of reference to clothes of similar shape, it may improve a little.
I have heard that editing Mesh "Geom Vertices Editor"in TSRW corrects the order of the rig order correctly, but I do not know how to do it.sorry.
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