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#76 Old 8th Mar 2011 at 9:00 AM
muahaha great story =D i really like the last pic XD

btw: i had so many ghosts roaming through my house by DAY even, using my fridge, sleeping in my beds and on my sofas, i decided to move them out. so i built a 10x15 community lot that allowed no visitors. it is directly next to my home and i might upload a pic soon. my household bought it, so its actually mine. but if this disqualifies me, then well... i'm gonna play anyway cause its fun =) but 25 ghosts roaming through my home... NO NO NO... and that was only the first generations kill... o.O sooooo.... =) hihi
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#77 Old 8th Mar 2011 at 6:35 PM
This looks awesome, I love the stories you guys have come up with.
I'm about to start but I'm a little worried about all the ghosts too lol
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#78 Old 10th Mar 2011 at 3:49 PM
yeah well, since no one said i couldnt do it, i just did it. only sad thing is that i moved my family to another neighbourhood, and the community lot with my headstones, too, but when i placed it in the new neighbourhood, all the headstones were gone!!! and i was like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"... so now i replaced the empty spaces with headstones from the "buydebug" menu. i hope thats okay, since i DID kill all these people. and now i have three community lots with headstones, one for the first generation, one for the second and one for all the household kids had to kill cause of the looks XD
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The Varyk family is an ancient, powerful family steeped in the darkest of practices. Their ultimate goal is controlling the world and turning it into their own paradise of evil deprivaty.

Vane is the eldest son of his generation and was tasked by his father, Markus, to take over the quiet town of Sunset Valley and bring it under the control of the Varyk line.

So, Vane and his chosen mate, Sasha, have moved into this quiet, friendly little town to continue the family traditions

Vane and Sasha know the first key to achieving their diabolical goals is to create an heir. A child that has all the depravity of it's parents. Vane has one little problem though, he has an addiction. An overwelming, uncontrollable monster that causes him to randomly slit the throats of innocent young women. Sasha knows and sympithizes with this, for she has her own monster in her, so she allows Vane to build a secret room deep in the ground where he can play his games
20th Mar 2011 at 4:34 PM
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Soon after starting their evil lives, Sasha & Vane are blessed with a little girl. However, Sasha soon becomes dissatisfied with the little girl, Alyxandra. Though Alyx is undeniably lovely, Sasha so desired a little copy of herself to mold into her perfect image (vain creature that she is). Alyx seems too interested in her own pursuits & every time Sasha looks into her daughter's silver eyes she is reminded of the man her father forced her to marry whom she secretly despises

All is not lost though. For soon the couple is once again blessed with twin girls, Katarina & Anastacia. Sasha is delighted to see both daughters have her stunning combination of midnight hair, ivory skin and violet eyes, but there can be only one heir. Oh the dilemma!!! Who will she & Vane choose to carry on the blood line????

In between raising their three daughters, Vane & Sasha play their little games. Both of them enjoy nothing more than luring the innocent towns people into their home and filling their own personal graveyard & home with the ghosts of their victims
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#81 Old 3rd Apr 2011 at 8:52 PM
well i was playing this challenge with the weapon mod, but i accidentally clicked the commit suicide button XD so i'm starting again!
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#82 Old 7th Apr 2011 at 1:39 AM
Oh wow! This Challenge looks so good! I wish I knew how to get Mods to work though It was so simple with Sims2, I've YET to figure it out for Sims3...
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#83 Old 16th Apr 2011 at 3:19 AM
I've been having a lot of fun with this challenge, but I just now started photo documenting it. So here we go.

Teivel lives with his uncles Bobcat and Sid, and since the two of them are aging fast, there’s much pressure on Teivel to produce a suitable heir to carry on the Motosierra legacy and family tradition.

Scanning the neighborhood, Teivel spots the perfect candidate for a mate, the naÄŹve and sheltered January Jones.

Before January knows it, she finds herself trapped in the mansion, and watches in horror the family brutally murder outsiders before their eyes, but the men threaten her family, so she agrees to help them produce an heir.
January produces not one heir, but three little girls with the family’s trademark green skin, Babs, Dixie Pearl and Felony.

Something strange begins happening. Although Teivel is undeniably evil, he is a bit of a hopeless romantic, and begins falling for January. Of course, he can’t let himself get too attached, because she’ll need to be disposed of soon.

Dixie Pearl and Felony are undeniably evil, and both would make great heirs. Dixie Pearl is loud, pushy and very mean-spirited, and is a bully who is feared by all her classmates. Felony, is almost more frightening. She doesn’t talk, she just sits alone, staring at passers-by, always looking as if she’s plotting. The two girls are bitter rivals, constantly fighting for the attention of their father and great uncles, knowing that only one of them can be the Motosierra heir.

Babs, on the other hand, shows much less promise. At 10 years old, she shows no signs of evil at all. She reacts with horror at the murders she witnesses, and spends most of her time with her nose in a book, and although Dixie Pearl and Felony both treat their mother with disgust and disdain, Babs adores her mother. If she doesn’t shape up soon, she will have to be taken care of.
Although January is ignorant about her own impending demise, she fears that the others will kill Babs if she doesn’t start to display the evil trait soon.

Upon reaching her teen years, Babs develops the Good trait, something unheard of in all the years of the Motosierra family’s legacy. Terrified for her daughter’s safety, January plans to run away.
Bobcat and Sid are growing increasingly annoyed. By the girls’ 15th birthday, January is still living. They demand that Teivel end her life now, or they will kill both him and January. He is left with no choice.
But as he enters her room with the knife, he sees her and Babs packing their bags. January sees him and fears that this is the end, but he puts down his knife and asks to join them instead.
January refuses, believing it to be a trap, and telling him that after all he’s done, she can’t trust him.
Then, they hear footsteps in the hall and know that they waited too long. Dixie Pearl and Felony had heard the escape plan and notified the uncles.

Teivel tells January and Babs that he’s sorry, and asks January for one last kiss. Reluctantly, she agrees. What does she have left to lose?

Bobcat has no mercy for the traitor, but Sid, who was close to his nephew, takes a little bit of pity on Teivel and buries the lovers side by side.

Mine sure got dramatic fast! Love this challenge so much!
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Default Say...
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Well, the last time I tried a challenge, it didn't go too well, since I got stuck while building the house, but maybe I'll try again with this one. I can't wait to get started!

Edit: Yes, of course my computer would decide to absolutely quit on me when I decide to do something new. I may not get started as soon as I'd hoped.

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#85 Old 2nd May 2011 at 12:35 AM
Awesome! I've made my founder and will post pics later. What should be the bloodline trait? The founder's silver hair, red eyes, or freckles?
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#86 Old 7th Jun 2011 at 3:49 AM
Love this challenge, and the stories everyone's created! My own murderess is Golden Velisaere, who prizes golden eyes and golden hair. I've just started, but I married her to Lucky Perkins (ironic name, no?) and I already had to kill their first born, Marigold, because she had brown hair. My rule is, three strikes, and you're out. So Lucky has 2 more child chances before Automatic Cancellation.
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#87 Old 7th Jun 2011 at 5:19 AM
I also think this is a Lovely idea, this is the kind of stuff I like to do half of the time in this game ♥
Too bad MasterForger's story was no longer updated, I wanted to see the next... episode.
I'll gladly start as soon as possible.
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#88 Old 16th Jun 2011 at 9:11 AM Last edited by BlindingEchoes : 16th Jun 2011 at 11:26 PM.
This sounds like a ton of fun, especially since i use quite a few mods that have assassination/murder aspects to them that i've never really got a proper chance to try out, looks like the perfect excuse to try them out ^^ Although i have to admit i worry about the fact the first challenge i take part in is such a morbid one lol, hmmm, Freud would no doubt have a field day with that

Edit: One question though, remember this is my first challenge so do be kind is this is something everyone already assumes and i have to be the one who ruins the fun by asking, but, the life span, what should it be set to? Normal? I ask because i have Generations and the life span thing can now be tweaked to hell, so just a ball park figure would be grand

2nd Edit: Okay, well life span aside, i've started my game and thought i'd post what i have so far

Ginger Lynn had always been a rather unassuming girl with her family's telltale red toned hair, bright yellow eyes and appreciation for the color green, she didn't spend a lot of time outside or really making many friends because frankly people were stupid. When she received the letter from a distant uncle, she admittedly didn't know if it was a hoax or not, but decided she liked the idea so much that even if it was a hoax, she's over look that one tiny bit of information.

Once she moved into the small town of Riverview she spent no time sitting around, instead she went out and quickly found that people there were just like people at home, she quickly made enemies.

Given her quick to anger attitude and disdain for the outdoors, she went about meeting people in a different way, it seemed to work.

Ginger soon met Jon, who was easily wooed by her flirts. 'Nice teeth, i bet they'd made a good necklace.' Admittedly Jon was not the brightest crayon in the box.

She soon brought him back to her house, figuring he was good for one quick ride, she was a heart breaker after all. Even her slightly insane lecherous smiles didn't seem to put him off, really, she was doing the world a favor by getting rid of such a dunderhead.

After a quick shag she called him down to the basement, once he saw the blood stains, chalk outlines, torture devices and various decomposing bodies he knew the jig was up and turned to run, only to be shot in the back. Ginger had never claimed to have an type of honor, so shooting a retreating man in the back was not only allowed, but damn funny.

Normally she would stick around to enjoy the vision of her kill's ghost, but she was tired and needed some sleep so she simply walked over his body with a simple 'hey' to the Reaper before heading off.

But there was no time to sit around, Ginger had found her true meaning in life, taking it. So she soon headed out to a local club and found a naive woman so lure back to her house, luckily the girl didn't see the aura of evil that surrounded the red headed siren.

Of course locking her latest victim in one of her death cells should have brought her a feeling of euphoria, only it didn't because she had a handful of trouble now. Having lost her cool at the graveyard earlier in the day, she shot a man in cold blood in broad daylight, only managing to evade police using her Ninja Vanishing potion to teleport away before anyone could arrive on the scene. But she now had her victim's family to take care of as well as the would be arresting officer, which was a lot more work than she was looking for and working on a timeline of one week left a lot of be desired for the homebody.

After calming herself down with a quick drink, she called the officer over to her house only be surprised at how handsome he was, perhaps he was another notch to add to her bed post.

She quickly lured him down to her basement, the man seeming to ignore the various blood stains as well as the screams for help from people in the next room. Once again Ginger realized it was easy to get them to trust her when they were only interested in one thing, it would always been their undoing.

The bed wasn't even cold before she poisoned him, in fact, he didn't even get a chance to put on clothes. No matter, he didn't need clothes where he was going.

The next day she spent at home, watching tv in the basement. The screams of her jailed victims meshing with the voices of the telly rather effortlessly making for a lulling drone as she tried to ignore the odd nausea she had woken up with that morning while planing how to take out the family of her second victim, not to worry, she still had five days, five days or it would all be over.
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#89 Old 1st Jul 2011 at 10:10 PM
If you hire a butler, do you have to kill them?
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#90 Old 3rd Jul 2011 at 11:10 AM
I would really like to try this challenge. Can anyone tell me how to make the dexter bear appear in my game? I downloaded it but I don't know where to find it. In the inventory? Do I have to type in a cheat code for it to appear? Is it an object that I can get in buy mode? Would really appreciate your help
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#91 Old 3rd Jul 2011 at 1:17 PM
It's been a while since I've used it so I don't remember exactly what catagory, but you find Dexter in buy mode. You keep him in your sim's personal inventory to use him.
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#92 Old 3rd Jul 2011 at 1:26 PM
Thanx Michelou. Unfortunately I can't find him.....AAaarrrgh, I hate it when things don't show up in my game. Just Started the challenge but killing everyone in the pool or by putting them in a fire gets boring after a few minutes (killed three NPCs so far - among them the newspaper girl)
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#93 Old 4th Jul 2011 at 1:14 AM
Alright, after going through two computers and a couple expansions, I think I should really get started on my own challenge. O.o Sorry about the wait.

Lola was the young heiress of the esteemed LaBelle family. She had everything going for her; she was rich, a child prodigy, and arranged to marry a nobleman. But her obsessive and downright twisted behavior disturbed the young man, and he abandoned her at the altar. She was going to be his lover forever, until he broke her heart. As a result, Lola spent many years locked in her room playing piano and pretending her prince would come back one day and marry her. When she finally emerged from her solitude, her parents had passed away, her servants left in search of other work, and their manor was in shambles. Everyone had presumed her dead. Now she mostly keeps to herself, playing piano in her old lonely manor and dreaming of revenge. Hell hath no fury like a fiancee scorned.

But even a recluse is human. Lola's dreams, when not filled with the blood curdling screams of her would-be groom, were filled with the pitter patter of tiny feet. Hopefully feet with beautiful white hair and pale skin like hers. Oh, what was a girl to do?

"There's nothing to writing.
All you do is sit at a typewriter and open a vein."
-Walter "Red" Smith
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#94 Old 9th Jul 2011 at 11:42 PM
so i decided to do this challenge as well to get myself back into the sims playing after an extended hiatus due to not having an appropriate comp for playing.

Created by evil serial killer legacy matriarch, Dusk Lakoba. In addition to her serial killing addiction, she is also a kleptomaniac who hates the outdooors. As heir to the family, she was sent to Twinbrook due to the family's problems in old town, to be in charge of relocating the family to this new locale. Along with her came her boyfriend and intended husband as per the wishes of the family, Nestor Lakoba. Nestor is actually her third cousin, as her family wanted to keep the blood as pure as possible in the new town.

Bloodline traits shall be the blue hair, blue eyes and the uber skinny physique. Let the fun begin...
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#95 Old 13th Jul 2011 at 10:21 PM
So uh, so far Dusk has killed a repairman, Nestor's boss, a random old man from the hood who she met while being a klepto in his house and then invited over and he *came* even though their relationship was really low, and a pizza delivery woman.

Also, she just gave birth. To triplets. Whoops, looks like a went a bit far with the fertility treatment and watching kids tv to have twins...

lol, their names are Kseniya, Azula, and Jezabel and all of them are evil. The firstborn immediately became fiendishly delighted at watching her mother give birth to the two sisters :0

Too early to tell who does or doesn't have the bloodline traits...
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#96 Old 27th Aug 2011 at 10:08 PM
Awesome! :D
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#97 Old 28th Aug 2011 at 5:03 PM
OK, I'm gonna start this NOW! I'm actually quite scared at how excited I am xD

Anyway I'm going to start (I have it all planed)

Liberty VanHelson&Dameon VanHelson

They are going to live in a house that I will make

(ill post pictures of CAS)
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#98 Old 31st Aug 2011 at 5:35 PM
Im Starting This Challenge Very Soon! Thanks
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#99 Old 28th Sep 2011 at 2:35 AM
Default Getting rid of ghosts?
Has anyone tried testingcheatsenabled true and shift+clicking the ghosts to get rid of them? Do they come back? I don't want to start this just to have to quit due to lags or crashes...I'm too psyched!

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#100 Old 31st Oct 2011 at 12:42 PM
For the ghost problem I've read that indoor urns don't give off ghosts (Not sure if this is true or not, I'm about to go start another run through of this game and find out though) so maybe having a trophy room with diplay cases and shelves full of urns would work. You could always add tombstones into the backyard for everyone you kill and just keep the urns as well.

Something else I read which was aimed at legacy games and their graveyards - was to create a small park called listed as a fishing spot and you could move tombstones to that and make it a family graveyard. I imagine this will be easier with the ability to buy property now, but it'd have to be listed as a certain type. But I bet the ghosts would still spawn so it may not be hugely useful.

Can't wait to start this challenge again.

not indorsed by Hypno toad... all hail Hypno toad @_@
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