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The Sims 4 how to add object functions
Hello everyone,
I have an idea stuck in my mind but I do not have enough knowledge on that subject to make it true.
I want to create a modern, garden pot that would be self-efficient and built on the bases of advanced technology. I have already created a mesh, texture, and everything but for now, it only serves as a gardening pot.
What I want to do is to add some functions so the gardening pot would automatically water the plants, heat them in the winter so you could have warm soil during the winter and the plants would still grow, auto fertilize and weed the plants etc... And this is where I need help.
How can I achieve this? I have no idea, would that require scripting, modding? Please, help me out I am feeling really lost...

Thank you!

**I strongly apologize if I wrote this message under the wrong section, I am new here and I am still having a hard time orientating on the site. **
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The thing is, objects don't do actions by themselves autonomously. So, this would most likely require scripting, although perhaps it could be done with some tricky XML modding of the object tuning, either by pushing ImmediateSuperInteractions onto a Sim, or giving the planter a broadcaster that is set to affect other objects that have the plant tag (I assume there is some plant build/buy tag on the plant objects, not sure).

The other issue you'll run into is that the object you are working on, a planter, is not the object that has such states as dry, weedy, etc. - the plant that is slotted into the planter actually has those gardening states. A broadcaster with a very small radius and set to go off every few Sim hours might be the way to go, assuming there is a plant build/buy tag that can be used to filter the allow_objects tuning.

I would definitely NOT recommend this for a first-time XML modding experience, it would likely be difficult and frustrating enough to make you decide you never want to try XML modding again. As for doing a scripted approach, well, I'm not even sure where I would start with such a mod. It definitely would be doable with scripting, but again I wouldn't recommend it as a first time script modding experience.
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This is something that would be been the simplest of simple with TS1 or TS2 which had easily-accessible Main loops that you just needed to "subroutine" from.

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